Do you work from English into French?

Although I've been speaking French on a daily basis for nearly 28 years and living in France for 24 years, I solely translate into English. It’s a question of quality and translation ethics. However, I am able to recommend suitably qualified and experienced colleagues who can translate into French.


What are your rates?

I generally charge by source word (i.e., per French word) or by the hour, depending on the document and the level of research involved. A minimum fee is charged for projects of 300 words or less. A premium is added for rush jobs, complicated formats, terminology research, extensive page layout, and lack of clarity in the source text.


How do I request a quote?

Simply fill out the form on the Contact page and send the source document(s). I will provide you with a quote within 48 hours.



How do I confirm that I accept your quote?

All quotes that are accepted must be sent back signed, dated and with the requester's written approval. All quotes that are not approved will be considered as pending and the work requested will not be commenced.  For more information, please read my General Terms of Sale.


What are your turnaround times?

They depend on a number of factors, i.e., the word count in the source text, its technical nature, the file format, and my workload.


Can I provide you with reference material or a glossary?

Any glossaries or reference documents you may have in English (either translated or originally written in English) are welcome. Of course, I will bring any inconsistencies or irrelevant terms found in these documents to your attention.


For answers to other questions, please refer to my General Terms of Sale as well as to "Translation: Getting it Right" and "Translation: Buying a Non-Commodity."

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